I'm Cristina, studio owner of Trinity Fit Space.

I began teaching fitness classes in Edinburgh over ten years ago, after being a participant myself for many years.

I have always enjoyed working out in a group fitness environment. However, my favourite group fitness classes were always the ones with smaller groups; where I felt that the instructor could give me the individual support I needed, and I also had the inspiration and encouragement of my fellow class members to motivate me!

As an instructor, I love being able to really see all my class participants throughout their workout. Classes packed with bigger groups can be fun and exciting (and a great workout!) but participants can also feel a bit “lost in the crowd” at times.

I have opened Trinity Fit Space as a place for you to enjoy the small group fitness class experience which I enjoy so much.

My qualifications include OCR Exercise to Music and Les Mills Bodybalance.

Recently, I deepened my understanding of being a group fitness instructor by completing the Les Mills Advanced instructor modules.

I am so excited to create my own fitness classes in our custom studio space and to bring them to you. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Trinity Fit Space
210 Newhaven Road


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