Classes at Trinity Fit Space


Trinity Fit Space barre and fitness classes are designed to give you the perfect mix of strength, flexibility and cardio training.


Our current classes are: Barre, Spark, Mellow, and Ballet with Jorja Follina.



Barre Class


Our Barre class is a fun mix of ballet-inspired barre and strength exercises.

This 45 minute class will strengthen and tone your legs and core, burn calories and improve your posture and flexibility.

Barre class is suitable for all fitness levels and no previous ballet experience is needed.

(Please note; this class is currently only available in-studio).



Mellow Class


Mellow is a gentle, 45 minute, barre-based fitness class which will restore calm and well-being to your body and mind.

Mellow class incorporates a beautiful combination of simple yoga, Pilates and ballet barre exercises to improve your posture, muscle tone and flexibility. 

We finish the class with a short relaxation and mindfulness practice.

(Please note; this class is currently available in-studio and on Zoom).



Spark Class


This high-energy, 45 minute, interval training class mixes intense cardio blasts with focused, functional strength exercises. Spark class is structured in short blocks of time to high-energy tunes so that you get the maximum benefits out of each exercise. Spark class burns calories, tones and strengthens your entire body and improves your stamina and endurance.

(Please note; this class is currently available in-studio and on Zoom).


Private Ballet Lessons with Jorja Follina

Jorja Follina Private Class


Private Ballet Lessons with Jorja Follina.

Please contact Jorja to book your private ballet lessons at Trinity Fit Space.

Lessons are available for 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour sessions.

Private ballet lessons are tailored to each individual participant and are suitable for all levels of experience - from complete beginner to advanced.

These classical ballet technique classes are great for improving posture, alignment and co-ordination.


Private lesson 30 minutes - £15

Private lesson 45 minutes - £20

Private lesson 60 minutes - £25

Block booking discounts also available (contact Jorja for details).